Philly Love Stories

Four Philadelphia couples — and one searching heart — tell their tales of looking, loving, losing, and making it work in the city.


Love can be hard. (Sigh.) But despite all of our modern day distractions — Tinder! Free Porn! Facebook Flirting! — it is still worth seeking out and holding onto. How do we know? You told us so.

Here, nine notable Philadelphians open up about their complex and inspiring relationships and how — despite a gaggle of kids, running a business together, even getting divorced — they manage to make it work. Read their stories — or watch their videos and see all the googly eyes and smiles for yourself.

A Whirlwind Romance: Todd Carmichael and Lauren Hart

A Twitter Crush: Allie and Mikey Ilagan

Together 24/7: Jeniphur and Michael Pasquarello

A Single Scenester: Elizabeth Wellington

The Amicable Divorce: Steve Duross and James Langel

Originally published in the February 2015 issue of Philadelphia magazine.