Rihanna Who? Philly Out Musician George Alley Covered “Vogue” in 1991, and It’s Adorable

The Internet’s all abuzz about Rihanna’s leaked cover of Madonna’s “Vogue,” but I woke up to a little gem on my Facebook wall this morning that, in my opinion, is a much more enjoyable—or at least GAYYY!—listen.

Out Philly musician and performance artist George Alley shared this recording of him and a friend covering The Material Girl’s game-changing hit way back in 1991, and it’s adorable. What’s funny, is that, even though Alley’s voice hasn’t even begun to change, you can still hear hints of the forward-thinking musician in the echo-y vocals and synth-heavy arrangement.

Check out the 1991 cover below, then give a listen to one of his latest recordings to see if you can spot the similarities.