Once Reported Missing, Suburban Mom Faces Federal Charges for Bank Robberies

Elizabeth Kenneally allegedly knocked off three banks.

Back in October, the family of Elizabeth Kenneally was frantically searching for the 25-year-old suburban mom, whom they had last seen on October 15th. They reported her as missing to Phoenixville police, handed out fliers, and made pleas for help on social media, just as any concerned family would do. But then Kenneally contacted the local newspaper, which had covered her “disappearance”, saying she wasn’t missing at all — she just didn’t want to come home. And now, Kenneally has been indicted by the feds for robbing three banks.

According to the indictment filed on Tuesday in Philadelphia’s federal courthouse, Kenneally (right) and 40-year-old Phoenixville man Christian Thomas LeBlanc (left) robbed the Citizens Bank on Egypt Road in Audubon Township on October 28th, a PNC Bank in East Goshen on October 31st, and a Citizens Bank in West Goshen on November 4th for a total take of nearly $5,400.

Kenneally and LeBlanc were previously arrested in November for the crimes by local police, and both remain in Montgomery County Prison unable to post bail. Their troubles are now compounded thanks to the federal charges.

Kenneally’s family had reportedly told police that she suffers from drug and mental health issues. Her mother posted the following message to Facebook:

So many families have someone that suffers, whether from drugs, depression (or) alcoholism, but some may not experience it firsthand and don’t understand. Families’ lives change forever and you live always waiting for the phone to ring. That’s how we live ours. Addiction is a life long disease.