The Best Men’s Haircuts in Philadelphia

The Philly guy's guide to modern hair — with pictures!

No offense, man, but look around: The average Philadelphia woman has you beat when it comes to keeping her hair looking modern and fresh. But there’s an easy fix. Here, our panel of man-hair experts tells you what you’re doing wrong, and how to get maximum improvement with minimal effort.

The Stylist: Josh DeMarco of Jason Matthew Salon

guy-hair-pitt-400x4001735 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse, 215-665-8030
Instead of: Your trusty center part.
Try: Slicking back your hair, and cutting the sides short for a more intentional, sleeker undercut.
Sort of like: Brad Pitt
Morning prep time: 10 minutes or less.
Products: “Gel for a wet look; matte putty — I like Sebastian brand — for a dry look,” advises DeMarco. “Finish up with a strong-hold hair spray.”
Maintenance: Go back for a cut every three to four weeks.

The Stylist: Alexey Kats of Architeqt Salon

guy-hair-harrington-400x400265 South 10th Street, Washington Square West, and 1943 Callowhill Street, Fairmount; 215-567-5005
Instead of: Battling your curls and texture.
Try: Embracing them.
Sort of like: Kit Harington
Morning prep time: Five to 10 minutes.
Products: A curl-defining cream. “Try a matte pomade to add texture to straight hair,” Kats says. “And curly hair requires moisture, so using a conditioner is a must.”
Maintenance: Curly hair tends to grow out, not down, so a cut every four to six weeks should do it.

The Stylist: Duke Dunn of the Duke Barber Co.

guy-hair-farrell-400x4001001 North 2nd Street, Northern Liberties, 267-519-0042
Instead of: That boring buzz.
Try: Growing out the top an inch or so and adding some texture, for a classic crop. “It will soften the look,” Dunn promises, “but keep the practicality of the buzz.”
Sort of like: Colin Farrell
Morning prep time: Mere minutes.
Products: Post-shower pomade.
Maintenance: “Hair grows an average half-inch a month,” Dunn says, “so even the tightest of crops can look twice as stylish in just four weeks.” After that, you’ll need a trim.

The Stylist: Nick Cerruti of Hush

guy-hair-gallagher-400x400128 North 3rd Street, Old City, 215-923-5010
Instead of: Doing the Mad Men thing.
Try: Looking to ’60s England. “That shaggier, more mod look is still clean and proper but gives you a different edge,” Cerruti says.
Sort of like: Liam Gallagher
Morning prep time: Less time than the Don Draper — you just put product in and go.
Products: Just a little pomade to get some texture “and to get the shaggy parts to lie down a little better.” He likes Davines This Is An Invisible Serum.
Maintenance: A trim every six to eight weeks.

The Stylist: Kimberly Bond of American Mortals

guy-hair-depp-400x400727 Walnut Street, Washington Square West, 215-574-1234; 2101 Christian Street, Grad Hospital, 215-519-2325
Instead of: A squared or boxed neckline.
Try: A natural taper, which Bond says doesn’t thicken your neck. Also, it lasts longer, grows in better and is easier to maintain.
Sort of like: Johnny Depp
Morning prep time: No extra time.
Products: Your product of choice, just for some sort of finish.
Maintenance: A trim every three or four weeks, just to keep it clean.

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