WATCH: Philadelphia Reacts to Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

Officer Darren Wilson will not be charged in the August shooting death of Michael Brown Jr.

@FergusonPHL protest at 9 p.m., just before the findings were announced. Photo by Victor Fiorillo

@FergusonPHL protest at 9 p.m., just before the findings were announced. Photo by Victor Fiorillo

UPDATE, 9:15 p.m.: The Ferguson police officer who shot Michael Brown last summer will not face charges in the case, a grand jury has determined. Robert McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecutor made the announcement in a speech broadcast nationwide on Monday night.

“They are the only people who have heard and examined every witness and every piece of evidence,” McCulloch said, defending the grand jury’s work even as it became clear that the decision would trigger protests around the nation, including in Philadelphia. The protests in Philadelphia reportedly remained peaceful through the night.

The New York Times posted a full set of grand jury transcripts, forensic reports, and other documents.

Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo was at City Hall when the announcement was made:


#FergusonPHL protesters listening to grand jury press conference over a megaphone. Photo by Victor Fiorillo

Two protesters disagreed about the right way forward:

More Philadelphia reactions:

At 11 p.m., Mayor Nutter addressed the press and lauded the peaceful nature of the Philly protests, saying there is “no excuse” for violence against property or people.

But he also criticized Ferguson authorities for their handling of the incident — including the decision to wait until sundown to announce the grand jury results.

“They have botched this entire tragedy so badly from start to finish it has left the folks in Ferguson beyond disappointed — and I would say for myself disgusted,” Nutter said.

He also expressed confusion at the inability to get an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson, noting that Michael Brown — unarmed — was shot at least 10 times by the officer.

“I’ve heard no explanation for that,” Nutter said. “There seems to be no explanation for that.”

A crowd of marchers at City Hall. Photo by Guy Juravich

A crowd of marchers at City Hall at 11 p.m. Photo by Guy Juravich

ORIGINAL: The grand jury has reportedly reached its decision on whether to charge Ferguson officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.

As the nation prepares for the news, which is scheduled to be announced at 9 p.m. ET, Philadelphia is also bracing. Philly Mag senior reporter Victor Fiorillo observed increased police presence in Center City this afternoon, with multiple officers stationed at each entrance to LOVE Park (above). He overheard officers being instructed not to allow protesters into the park where Christmas Village is set up.


Police gathered at LOVE Park earlier today. Photo | Victor Fiorillo

Police chief inspector Dennis Wilson told Fiorillo that police aren’t expecting much activity tonight. He also said police are aware of reports of an anti-police protest that has been promoted on Facebook since last week. Demonstrations have been planned in Philadelphia for the day of and the day after the decision.

Follow Philadelphia’s reaction via the Twitter hashtag #FergusonPHL: