The BBC Has Reported on Philly Jesus

The legend of Philly Jesus just keeps growing and growing.

Philly Jesus has crossed the pond.

Philadelphia’s own version of Jesus is actually 28-year-old Michael Grant, a reformed heroin addict who found the lord and decided to dress as Jesus to spread the good word. He began dressing as Christ and walking down North Broad Street sometime around April.

“I prayed for him all the time. This is what I got,” his mother told the Daily News’ Stephanie Farr (in on the Philly Jesus ground floor!) in August.

But ever since Philly Jesus was arrested last Friday, the man has been everywhere. Talk Radio 1210 is running a #freephillyjesus campaign. He’s been in the news all over the country, and in the U.K. Daily Mail. And now he’s been profiled by a most respectable UK institution of all: The BBC!

In this BBCTrending feature by Anna Bressanin, which you can watch above, we learn Philly Jesus — PJ — “can’t walk a single block without being stopped by fans, who want a selfie with him.” He also used to be a rapper named Opal Weaver!

He also couch surfs, and uses the Apple Store on Walnut Street to charge his phone. He doesn’t believe he is actually Jesus — he just “wears his jersey.”