Eric Frein Look-Alike Will Get a Car, Due to Crowdfunding

A man stopped more than 20 times due to his resemblance to Eric Frein will get a car after almost $25,000 was raised on a crowdfunding site.


James Tully, the Pennsylvania man who was mistaken for Eric Frein more than 20 times while Frein was on the loose, is going to get something for his troubles: A new car.

After Tully’s story hit the news, an acquaintance attempted to raise $2,500 to buy him a car so he wouldn’t have to walk to work — where he was constantly stopped by law enforcement who thought he was Frein. Friends and strangers raised $24,217.

James Tully, left. Eric Frein on the right.

James Tully, left. Eric Frein, right.

Per a post on the GoFundMe site, “It took a little longer than expected but tomorrow IS THE BIG DAY!!”

Eric Frein was captured on October 30th after a 48-day manhunt.

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