Eric Frein Arraigned, Held Without Bail

Pennsylvania state police say Eric Frein surrendered without incident yesterday after being surprised by U.S. Marshals. Prosecutors will seek the death penalty.

Eric Frein mugshot

UPDATE: A police source told Action News that Eric Frein confessed to the killing of Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson in September. Frein also confessed to wounding Trooper Alex Douglass in the same shooting, per the station.

Frein does not yet have an attorney. He’s due back in court for a preliminary hearing on November 12th.

EARLIER: Eric Frein, the man captured yesterday after a 48-day manhunt, was arraigned Friday morning and held without bail. Prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty.

He is accused of killing Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Bryon Dickson and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass last month in a seemingly random attack. When Frein was taken out after arraignment Friday, members of the crowd chanted “rot in hell” at him.

At a press conference after Frein’s arraignment, Pennsylvania State Police Lt. Col. George Bivens updated reporters on the capture. “This was not a result of a tip or a sighting,” Bivens said. “This was a result of the continued pressure put on Frein by law enforcement.” U.S. Marshals surprised Frein as part of a routine sweep on Thursday.

Bivens wouldn’t comment on any possible motive to Frein’s actions, nor disclose much of what Frein has told police since they arrested him. He said the investigation is ongoing.

He did say Frein’s bloody nose did not come as a result of any struggle with arresting officers. Bivens said Frein told them he received the injury sometime while he was on the run. Police do not believe Frein had any help during his time as a fugitive, but survived by breaking into unoccupied and abandoned cabins for food and shelter. He also had things hidden in other cases, per state police.

Police said the manhunt cost somewhere around $10 million.

“It’s difficult for everyone in the state police, and particularly for the Dixon family,” Bivens said. “But I think there’s also a sense of relief that this has ended. A relief that there won’t be anyone else injured in the course of this manhunt. This man has shown himself to be very dangerous … I characterized his actions in the past as pure evil and I stand by that.”

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