Q&HEYYY: Bev On the Art of Tucking, Her Homegirl Jesus and, Her Dream Philly Drag Queen Girl Group

Getting to know Philly's best drag performers.

Photo by David Ayllon

Photo by David Ayllon

My name is … Bev: Philadelphia’s Premiere Christian Drag Queen. Bev was the “mommest” name I could think of.

Jesus … is my homegirl, my baby daddy, the reason for the season, and a biscuit who will on occasion sop you up if you let him.

Drag is … embracing your creativity, and the ability to get away with murder.

Tucking is … just a good set of Spanx and three pairs of tights.

Before I go on stage … I try to get feel for the attitude of the audience—and have a cocktail to loosen up.

If I could start over with a new drag name it would be … Sarah Belle Palsey.

If I could only do one song for the rest of my life … it would be my “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia/Julia Sugarbaker” mix.

The makeup/accessory I couldn’t live without is … Kryolan Paint Stick. Amen.

If you really want to piss me off … Underestimate me, or write me off.

After a long evening of performing I … walk home in my sensible travel flats.

My dressing room must always … have plenty of Vodka—and sarcasm.

To keep my girlish figure I … ruin my internal organs with a steel-boned corset.

The hottest boy in Philly who does drag is … Maddy Milan or Cherry Pop.

If I had to be in a girl group of Philly drag queens the two other girls I would pick would be … Maddy Milan and Stella D’oro. Come on, camp!

The first one I’d kick out like Latoya would be … Satine Harlow … if she hadn’t quit already.

Best thing about Philly’s drag scene? The diverse/eclectic variety of drag types. There are numerous opportunities for drag performers no matter their style of drag or experience.

Philly’s drag scene could use … Jesus. And Valium.

Spill your gigs! Drag Wars Cycle 5 continues every Thursday at Voyeur. On Halloween night I’m performing in two shows: VILLAINS! at L’Etage, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show on stage at Voyeur for Mimi Imfurst’s Monthly Visit. Then I’m happy to announce that Bev’s Bitchfest returns to Tabu on Black Friday, October 28th, to kick off the holiday season.