Dick Morris Leaving Philly Talk Radio

He wants to campaign for GOP in 2016.

Dick Morris | AP Photo

Dick Morris. Photo | Whitney Curtis, AP

That didn’t last long. A year-and-a-half after he arrived on the Philadelphia airwaves (with some recent bad press trailing behind him) Dick Morris is leaving his post at WPHT to campaign for Republican candidates in 2016. He’ll stay on through this year’s mid-term election.

Morris’s departure may portend some changes at the talk radio station.

Molly Eichel reports:

Station operations manager Andy Bloom said he did not have any plans to replace Morris as of yet and could not comment on whether the station would go in a different direction now that Morris has left. CBS Radio Philadelphia Senior Vice President and Market Manager Marc Rayfield said he had known about Morris’ timeline for awhile. “He has done a great job for WPHT and we knew his busy schedule might one day make doing a daily radio show difficult,” he said via e-mail. When Morris began the show, he told me he would split his time between Philadelphia and his home in Florida.

Last year, Patrick Kerkstra profiled Morris for Philly Mag.