Another Violent Incident at Northeast Philly Pathmark

In contrast with a previous incident at the store, this time shoppers cornered a 19-year-old man until police arrived.

Earlier this month, a man was stabbed in a Northeast Philly Pathmark after an argument with another man. Now, the supermarket has been the site of a second attack.

Police say a woman ran into the Pathmark screaming after she was assaulted by a 19-year-old man on Monday. The man followed her into the store, where he was cornered by shoppers until police arrived.

This is in contrast to the previous incident at the store, where shoppers continued to shop and appeared uncaring that someone was just stabbed in an aisle. NBC 10 reported that “one customer even asked a responding officer to reach over and pass him cheese.”

So what happened in the two weeks since the previous violent incident at the store? The optimistic way to look at it is this: People are happy to help during an incident and no one had a chance during the stabbing earlier this month. But this time, shoppers sprang into action! We can assume that the aftermath this time was the same: A bunch of people continued shopping in the store like nothing happened.

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