Philadelphians Ignore Stabbing in Pathmark Aisle, Keep Shopping

A man was stabbed in a Pathmark aisle in Northeast Philadelphia. People ignored the stabbing—one man asked a police investigator to pass him cheese.

What are people around the United States thinking about Philadelphia today? Well, we’re a cold-blooded bunch who will not let a little thing like a stabbing at the supermarket get in the way of buying our Count Chocula. (Yes, presumably while also eating a cheesesteak.)

That’s courtesy of the above tweet, sent last night by NBC 10 and retweeted a few hundred times, and the related story. On Tuesday, a man in the Pathmark at 840 Cottman Avenue in Burlhome confronted another shopper, police say, and stabbed him in the face and neck with a kitchen knife.

The victim was taken to Jeanes Hospital and later transferred to Temple Hospital due to his worsening condition, but he is expected to survive.

NBC 10 reports that “it’s what customers did after the stabbing that was almost as shocking as the initial crime.” Police Chief Inspector Scott Small simply called it “a little surprising.” It’s not clear every shopper knew they were pushing their carts through the area where a man had just been stabbed, though.

“There were many customers in the store who were shopping, standing on the blood, and pushing their shopping carts over the blood,” Small said. “We had to tell them it was human blood.”

According to investigators, one customer even asked a responding officer to reach over and pass him cheese.

The victim left a trail of blood through several aisles, so the Pathmark was eventually closed to shoppers.

Police caught up with the 40-year-old suspect about a mile from the Pathmark and found a bloody knife in his possession. Cops also say the victim positively identified his assailant.

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