Radio Fight: WIP’s Josh Innes Goes After Mike Missanelli

The Victor Cruz tweet produces a backlash. Has it started a war on the airwaves?

Via Crossing Broad, it appears that WIP’s Josh Innes is in no mood to forgive The Fanatic’s Mike Missanelli for the latter’s tweet (later withdrawn) about Victor Cruz’s injury during Sunday’s Eagles-Giants game. (Missanelli claims he did not know Cruz was injured when he posted the tweet in question.)

“He’s the outright, undisputed king of douchebaggery in the city of Philadelphia,” Innes groused during his Monday night show.

Innes then proceeded to read a series of faux Missanelli Tweets from throughout history — on topics ranging from the JFK assassination to the Hindenberg — that were plenty tasteless in their own right. They’re kind of gross enough for us not to want to print them, but you can listen along:

There’s a thin line between real douchebaggery and fake douchebaggery — imitate it too well, and maybe there’s a reason — that Innes might’ve crossed here. Even meta jokes about Anne Frank are tough to pull off, after all. (Missanelli, full disclosure, is a Philly Mag contributor.)

Put that aside, though, and Crossing Broad is right: It looks like a radio war has started — competitors don’t often mention each other by name — and it’s going to be very interesting to hear how and if Missanelli responds on the air today.

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