House to Vote on Cig Tax Today. (Really.)

If approved, the tax could raise $49 million for Philly schools.


Here we go again: the Pennsylvania House is expected to vote today to give Philadelphia the authority to levy a $2-a-pack tax on cigarettes to fund city schools. If approved, the bill goes to the Senate.

The problem? The Senate has approved gas tax authority for Philadelphia — but only in a bill larded down with amendments containing hotel taxes and other tax incentives favored in that chamber. Will the Senate vote for the House’s clean bill?

CBS Philly reports:

School District Superintendent William Hite says the district is banking on the tax because the money is already spent, based on assurances from legislative leaders.

“What’s important for us is that, that revenue is already committed,” Hite says. “And so therefore we need that piece of legislation to move.”

If approved, the authority could raise up to $49 million for Philly schools.