Pictures Released of Alleged Assailants in Center City Attack

A gay couple were beaten by a gang of eight males and females on Thursday night.

A video from NBC10 shows footage of the Thursday evening attack.

A video from NBC10 contains photos of the aftermath of the attack on Thursday evening.

Last evening, we reported on the vicious attack of two gay men Thursday night. Now, new details are emerging, including a video from NBC10 that shows blurry pictures of the possible assailants:

The report includes interviews with eyewitnesses who claim the attackers were two males and six females. The attack is now said to have happened at 16th and Chancellor streets, in contrast to earlier reports of 15th and Walnut.

The Philadelphia Police are urging that anyone who has any information about the alleged incident contact the police at 215-686-TIPS (8477) or via the department’s online tips form.