Everything’s Coming Up Camden

Crime is down; now the credit rating is up.

Remember how earlier this week we told you that crime was dropping dramatically in Camden under its new county-supervised police force? Well, more good news: The city is becoming financially viable again.

Newsworks reports:

The city of Camden and Camden County are celebrating. Standard & Poor’s (S&P) has assigned Camden City its best credit rating in 15 years and has upgraded Camden County to its highest rating ever.
Both city and county attribute their success to newfound fiscal restraint and responsible management. Camden City and S&P also acknowledge the state as a significant source of support.

Newsworks warns that “it’s too early to talk turnaround” But the trends do seem to be accelerating in the long-downtrodden city’s favor. “It says to investors, ‘Camden is changing its trajectory,'” said Camden Business Administrator Robert Corrales. And wouldn’t that be nice?

Call us superstitious, but we date the turnaround back to April, when non-profits across Camden joined together to make their own version of Pharrel Williams’ “Happy” video. There are lots of good people in Camden. Let’s hope they can make a city of them: