76ers Now Trading for Players They Plan to Cut

Philly trades for Hasheem Thabeet, then immediately waives him.

Remember when everybody got cranky because the Sixers traded for Andrew Bynum, and he ended up never playing a game due to knee injuries? The Sixers have apparently decided the problem with that process is that it wasn’t speedy enough.

Which is why, according to reports, the team is trading for Oklahoma City’s Hasheem Thabeet — and then cutting him from the roster immediately. True story. Why? Dumping his salary saves them money — and even earns them a few bucks: They’re getting money from the Thunder just to acquire Thebeet for 10 minutes.

Here’s the funny part: The 76ers’ roster, as constructed, apparently won’t be able to hit the league’s minimum salary floor this coming season. So the team won’t just be tanking again — for the second consecutive season — they’ll be doing it as cheaply as possible. God, we hope there’s a payoff to all of this. [SB Nation]