Maddow Loves Mo’Ne Davis

MSNBC host proclaims Taney Dragons star "The Best Thing in the World."

And what is that “Best New Things in the World?” Why, Taney Dragons star Mo’Ne Davis, of course.

And yeah, Maddow’s a liberal, but Mo’Ne apparently transcends politics: The conservative National Review posted a video Monday of Davis striking out an opposing player, proclaiming it “great stuff.”

That said, maybe we should step back and remember this is a 13-year-old. All the attention is putting a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Jenice Armstrong at the Daily News reports on the comments of Davis’s mom: “She’s crossed over to a completely different level now, and I believe it’s kind of getting to Mo’Ne right now. I believe she’s really getting tired of it. They keep calling her phone back to back.”

OK, everybody, the attention has been cool, but let’s give the girl a break! We’ll see you Friday afternoon for the Taney Dragons’ televised game against Tennessee.