Stonewall Kickball Fall Registration Begins Next Week

Stonewall Kickball = abounding high-fives

Stonewall Kickball = abounding high-fives

After what was a super successful first season, Stonewall Kickball is gearing up for an expanded fall season in Philadelphia.

Stonewall Kickball League Commissioner and Co-Founder Adam Beck tells me summer brought out 167 active players, and that two teams traveled to the nationwide LGBT kickball tournament in Washington D.C. “But it was the non-quantitive indicators that made me proud. You could go out on a Friday or Saturday and see teams hanging out together or new groups of friends [from Stonewall Kickball] forming. … We had straight players in numbers I would have never expected. I knew it was successful any time someone would come up to me and say ‘I’m really having more fun doing this than anything I’ve done in a while.'”

Registration opens Monday for the fall season, which he says will incorporate even more activity. Now, instead of only having a Sunday afternoon league (noon to 5 p.m.), there will be a Thursday evening league (6 p.m. to dark.) This is also the first full season that Stonewall Kickball will be part of the newly formed local LGBT sports umbrella organization Out Philadelphia Athletic League (OPAL.) That partner ship, Beck says, “will open up more multi-league events for us and the others involved. We’re already planning social events to bring softball players, flag football players and kickball players together. The league is also trying to help get everyone better field space, as I’d love to have an area closer to center city.”

Cost to register is $46 per player. You can join established teams, form a new one, or put yourself out there as a free agent and let teams clamor for you. Your entry feet gets you a team tee, and proceeds will benefit Mazzoni Center and William Way Community Center.

To register go here any time between August 11th and August 18th.