Comcast Rep Unloads “Customer Retention” Napalm on Innocent Couple

"Tell me why you wouldn't want faster Internet!"

UPDATE, 7/15, 8 p.m.: The rep has been placed on administrative leave while the company investigates the incident.

ORIGINAL: If you’ve been thinking about changing or canceling your Comcast service, now may be the time — because the company is going to have to be extra nice to everyone to quell a sure-to-mushroom PR disaster resulting from the release of audio of one of its “customer retention” specialists scorching a San Francisco couple for attempting to disconnect their Internet account.

This litany of abuse might never have surfaced if the couple in question hadn’t been the former editor of an AOL-owned tech blog and his tech-TV-show-hosting wife. It’s hard enough to believe this goes on for eight and a half minutes, let alone the 18 and a half it actually did — the couple didn’t start recording until 10 minutes into the call.

H/T: Boing Boing