Study: Grindr, Scruff Users More Likely to Contract Sexually Transmitted Infections

The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center released a study that has sobering, although not surprising, statistics correlating the use of hookup apps like Grindr, Scruff, and Jack’d to contracting sexually transmitted infections.

The study examined over 7,000 men who were tested for STIs at the LA Gay and Lesbian Center.  The full results of the survey can be found here, but below are some of the more interesting statistics that were discovered by the researchers:

  • Users of hookup apps were 25% more likely to contract gonorrhea and 37% more likely to contract chlamydia.
  • Surprisingly, there was no significant difference between using hookup apps and contracting HIV.
  • 34% of the men surveyed strictly met partners in bars, 30% used a combination of bars and apps, and 36% only used apps to meet partners.
  • Those that use apps were also more likely to use drugs than their non-app using counterparts.
  • Grindr reports having over 6 million users in 2013.

The researchers suggest that the makers of the apps “explore the use of these novel technologies for testing promotion, prevention and education.”