Why @DrunkInaGarten is the Gayest Thing Ever on Twitter.

Ina Garten and Taylor Swift

An Ina Garten parody Twitter account with over 8,500 followers?  How bad can that be?

Just when you think Ina Garten, culinary empress and star of Food Network’s Barefoot Contessa, couldn’t get any more gay (I mean, just look at half of her show’s guests), leave it to Twitter to come up with a way to make Ms. Garten all the more fag-haggy.

The account, @DrunkInaGarten, follows the exploits of a fake Ina through her lifelong battle to use good ingredients and entertain an endless array of peasants, including her husband, Jeffrey.  Of course, there’s plenty of shade being thrown from East Hampton via a barrage of insults towards many a celebrity.  For example:

The parody has reached something of a fever pitch with Ina’s fans; last year, when the real Garten gave a lecture at Philadelphia’s Kimmel Center, a member of the audience brought up the Twitter account and asked if she had ever seen it!

Take a look at some of our favorite Tweets from @DrunkInaGarten below and make sure you follow her on Twitter.  Come on?  How easy is that?