5 Yoga Poses That Will Make You a Better Top

Lots of people say they have it easy, but being a top is hard work. Think of all that hip action—at top speed and (if you’re doing it right) in some of the most precarious positions. It can be exhausting, and you don’t want to be huffing and puffing after a few minutes. (Or maybe you do—but not because you’ve petered out too soon.) To stay on your a-game, you’ve got to build your strength, flexibility and endurance so you keep strong, therefore keeping him happy.

To aid you on this journey to better topping, I’ve laid out five yoga poses to incorporate into your weekly workout routine that will help you hone the physical tools you need you need for mind-blowing romps in the hay. The reigning Mr. Gay Philadelphia, Lou Cutler, demonstrates in the slideshow below. (You’re welcome, bottoms.)