Survey: Country Doesn’t Approve of Comcast Merger

Most think customer service will get even worse.

Photo | Jeff Fusco

Photo | Jeff Fusco

The Consumerist reports on bad news for Comcast in a new poll on its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable:

Our colleagues down the hall at Consumer Reports ran a nationally representative survey to see what ordinary people think about Comcast and its plan to buy out Time Warner Cable, and the responses weren’t pretty. A full 56% of Americans oppose the merger, and only 11% of respondents were in favor of it.

About three quarters of respondents — 74% — believe that the merger will increase cable and Internet prices for everyone. That same number also agreed that the merger will leave consumers with even fewer choices for providers, because smaller companies will not be able to compete.

As for customer service? The most-hated providers in the most-hated industry aren’t likely to win themselves any new fans with this move. A solid two thirds (66%) believe that the lack of competition will leave Comcast with no reason to bother improving their customer service — which 54% predicted will get even worse.

The survey was conducted in April.