Comcast Makes Merger Case in House Today

American Cable Association is among opponents of the deal to buy Time Warner Cable.

It’s a big day for Philly-based Comcast, which will make the case for its merger with Time Warner Cable today in the House of Representatives. Opponents are gathering steam.

The LA Times reports:

The chief lobbyist for the nation’s small and mid-sized cable operators will tell Congress on Thursday that Comcast Corp.’s proposed acquisition of Time Warner Cable threatens consumers and competition.
In testimony submitted in advance of his appearance before a Thursday House Judiciary Committee hearing on the deal, American Cable Assn. President Matt Polka wrote that the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal can’t be approved by the Federal Communications Commission and Justice Department without strict conditions to protect smaller pay-TV distributors.

“Consumer hopes for lower prices, greater choice and more competition will be dashed,” Polka said, if the FCC and DOJ “ignore or treat lightly the potential harms” from the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal.

Reuters adds:

The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel will hear from Comcast Corp Executive Vice President David Cohen.

The company argues its proposed $45 billion deal to merge the No. 1 and No. 2 U.S. cable operators would not hurt consumers since the companies overlap geographically in very few places.