Amtrak Tells Young People to Visit ‘Fishtown, Pennsylvania’

Amtrak's sponsored content on Buzzfeed reps Fishtown as a good place for young professionals to visit, because of course it does.

A Buzzfeed post by “brand publisher” Amtrak has identified six neighborhoods you should visit — presumably on Amtrak — and one is in Philadelphia! It’s Fishtown, obviously, Philadelphia’s current hip neighborhood.

This list is hilarious. It opens with “If you’re free-spirited, you should visit Hell’s Kitchen, NYC” and by the time it gets to the end it’s telling you to go to Downtown Bridgeport, Connecticut, if you’re “artsy.” Also, there’s one that tells people who want a “luxurious lifestyle” to go to a neighborhood in Baltimore.

Anyway, Amtrak’s blurb for Fishtown is maybe the best:

If you’re an adventurous young professional, you should visit Fishtown, Pennsylvania.

It notes Philly mag’s hottest neighborhood designation last year and reps Pizza Brain and Frankford Hall. People in the Buzzfeed comments are blowing up about how it should be Fishtown, Philadelphia. I’m wondering when my next gathering of adventurous young professionals at Frankford Hall is.

In this case, though, Amtrak is doing some free advertising for SEPTA — since Amtrak doesn’t stop in Fishtown, you need to take the El to get there once you’re at an Amtrak station. Next time, Amtrak should suggest West Philadelphia, Paoli, North Philly and/or Cornwells Heights.