Christie Donors May Back Jeb Bush

Jersey governor is losing support for presidency.

The New York Times reports that some Chris Christie backers are willing to jump ship if Jeb Bush declares his candidacy for president.

Jeb Bush’s increasingly serious and public examination of a run for president has shaken the ranks of establishment Republican donors and fund-raisers who had planned to back Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey in 2016, forcing many of them to rethink their allegiance to the embattled governor.

In private conversations that are now seeping into public view, some of them are signaling to Mr. Christie’s camp that, should Mr. Bush enter the race, their first loyalty would be to him, not to Mr. Christie, according to interviews with more than two dozen of them.

Just one more piece of proof that the once-high-flying Chris Christie juggernaut is slowing weakness from the Bridgegate fallout. Will he actually run for president in 2016. When your own donors are looking for somebody else to jump in, that can’t be a good sign.