The PPA Wants to Enrage You With Higher Fees … for the Kids

Proceeds would go to fund Philly schools.

Newsworks reports that Philly parking rates might go up 50 cents an hour, with the proceeds going to fund Philly schools:

The Philadelphia Parking Authority already has authorization to increase rates by 50 cents an hour in the core of Center City, but has not yet implemented those increases. The bill approved Monday by a City Council committee would give it the power to increase parking meter and kiosk rates 50 cents an hour in the rest of Philadelphia.

“Under legislation governing the [PPA’s] on-street parking program, virtually all the additional revenue from this adjustment will go to the School District of Philadelphia,” said Vince Fenerty, executive director of the parking authority. “When fully implemented, we believe this will result in an additional $7.5 million for the schools.”

That discussion, of course, comes several days after Council President Darrell Clarke said that increasing city funding for Philadelphia schools should include increased City Hall oversight over those schools, as well.