Your Official Pre-Cher Concert Playlist

Tonight, Cher, along with fabulous special guest Cyndi Lauper, is bringing her Dressed To Kill tour to the Wells Fargo Center. I decided to get my hair-flipping started early by putting together a pre-show playlist of Cher and Cyndi remixes to get you Philly queens even more hyped for tonight’s big show. (As if that’s actually possible.)

Cyndi will be kicking off the evening, and even though the fab diva may not be promoting any new material, we can only hope that she performs tracks from her 2008 masterpiece “Bring Ya To The Brink.” The under-appreciated set is a disco dream from start to finish, so I’ve been bumping a few fierce remixes of album cuts, “Into The Nightlife,” “Same Ol Story,” and “High And Mighty.” I’ve also cranked up the insane Nervo rework of her classic ’80s smash “Time After Time,” a tune I’m sure Cyndi will grace us gay boys and girls with tonight.

Cher will be performing classic hits, as well as tracks from her latest album, “Closer To The Truth.” Tracy Young, R3hab and 7th Heaven are just a few of the turntable masterminds who’ve taken Cher’s singles from her latest set and transformed them into thumping slices of gay-disco heaven. You will especially love the remix video I found for “Take It Like A Man,” which features a whole lot of Andrew Christian boys shaking their asses and, well, other things.