Allergy Sufferers: Meet. Your. Doom.

A "pollen vortex" is expected to last for two weeks, cause massive eye boogers.

Well, this sounds horrible:

Mild temperatures and a lack of rain will cause pollen counts to skyrocket, and they’ll just get worse as the next two weeks go on. This year’s allergy season will be shorter than most, but much more intense — leading some to call it a “pollen vortex.”

“It will be a shorter period by a number of weeks, but you will see it all hitting very intensely,” Dr. David Shulan, a fellow with the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, told NBC News.

Don’t mind us. We’re off to take some Benadryl and sleep for a month or so. You can wake us up by cracking open what surely will be the thickest layer of eye boogers known to humankind. (NBC 10)