CAPA Principal Allegedly Created Fake History Class, Issued Fake Grades

The strange story is in the Daily News.

Broad Street’s High School for the Creative and Performing Arts has a high-profile reputation for educating the likes of jazz greats Christian McBride and Joey DeFrancesco, Questlove and Black Thought from the Roots, and the members of Boyz II Men. But today, that reputation is being sullied by a bizarre scandal that schools reporter Regina Medina unfolds in the Thursday edition of the Daily News.

It’s so bizarre that it’s a little hard to know where to begin, and you should probably just go read the whole damn thing yourself now.

But essentially, John Dunphy, a former CAPA teacher who was named principal of the school in July, allegedly made up a fake world history class that was required for graduation and then handed out fake grades to real CAPA students who didn’t take the fake class because it didn’t exist. Like we said, bizarre.

No one is quite sure why Dunphy would do something like this, but the school district has been investigating the mess. And an incident report has been filed with the state’s Department of Education.

Dunphy declined to give the Daily News a comment on the allegations, and his attorney issued a statement that didn’t really address the fake class scandal. Meanwhile, Dunphy has resigned from the district.