Angry Sixers Fan Behind Anti-Tanking Website

Wants NBA to scrap the draft lottery

Newsworks reports that Sixers fan Drew Cohen has created (say it out loud) in an effort to stop teams from losing all the games they can in order to get high draft picks.

Cohen and some friends organized a grassroots political-style campaign to push for reform. The NBArassing campaign aims to get 10,000 NBA fans to sign a petition to the league to end to the current lottery system for assigning draft picks.

Cohen said it’s clear to many fans that the current system is broken.

“Fans are usually taken for granted despite the fact that they’re the bloodline of the teams. And we hope the ability for fans to organize around a singular issue amplifies their voice and actually leads to change,” he said.

Cohen and his pals are offering three systems to replace the draft system:

• “The Wheel” in which every NBA team would get every draft slot in the draft over a 30-year period; whether they should try to build using draft picks or free agency signings.
• “The V Plan,” in which draft positions are frozen in place at the all-star break, encouraging teams to win in the second half.
• “The Sloan,” which awards draft position to non-playoff teams — but the winningest losing team gets the top pick, instead of the losingest losing team having the best shot, as is the case now.

The Sloan is winning the site’s survey of NBA fans so far, but it still seems to reward losing. We’re kind of in favor of The Wheel, but it would be brutal to teams with bad management