City Council Stalls Process on PGW Sale

Council president warns against being rushed to judgment.

The Daily News reports that City Council is delaying the introduction of a bill approving the sale of PGW to a private company, trying to avoid deadlines that get set in motion when the bill is introduced.

Council President Darrell Clarke on Wednesday sent a letter to all members expressing concerns over a provision in the PGW legislation that he believes could end up tying Council’s hands if it introduces the bill too soon.

Language in the asset-purchase agreement requires that documentation be given to the Public Utilities Commission within 60 days of the introduction of the bill. Clarke said that raises concerns that the PUC could reach a conclusion before Council does, thus hampering Council’s ability to have a say in the proposed sale.

The Daily News adds: “Dan Clearfield, a lawyer representing the PUC, said that it generally takes about nine or 10 months for the commission to make a determination on an asset-purchase agreement, especially one of this magnitude.”