3 Philadelphians Named to National Trans 100 List

Three local folks have been named to This Is H.O.W. and We Happy Trans‘s second-annual Trans 100 list, a roll call that celebrates the work and achievements of trans people throughout the U.S.

dionne stallworthFormerly homeless, A. Dionne Stallworth has risen to become one of Philly’s most go-getting activists for people living with mental health issues, the homeless, people of color, and LGBT rights.. She is the founding member of the country’s first transgender political action committee, Gender Public Advocacy Coalition (GenderPAC), and is one of the first members of the Philly-based Transgender Health Action Coalition. She also has her hands full working as the resident activities coordinator for Philly’s Project H.O.M.E., an initiative that works to “empower adults, children, and families to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.” One of her latest projects is Movie Magic With Dionne, a night of film screenings that inspires community, and lots of popcorn-munching. Read a good interview with Miss Stallworth on TransGriot, here.

Charlene Jacqueline ArcilaCharlene Jacqueline Arcila is a native of Jackson, Miss., but she’s lived in Philly for 23 years. You can thank her Philly’s Mazzoni Center-sponsored Trans-Health Conference, which turns 13 this year (with a keynote from Janet Mock, no less.) As an ordained minister at Unity Fellowship of Christ Church Philadelphia, Arcila works to educate church staff on ways to make the church more welcoming to trans people. She was also one of the rabble-rousers  in R.A.G.E. (Riders Against Gender Exclusion), the group that called on SEPTA to get rid of its gender markers on weekly and monthly transit passes. Her next project is H.O.P.E. (Helping Others Pursue Excellence), a support program for trans-identified people who are being released from correctional facilities.

Shay_Gonzalez_300pxshay(den) is the director of program development for the Safe Spaces Project, where he works to strengthen community organizations that support queer youth. shay(den) has been working with youth for 16 years, starting in New York where he did crisis work for young homeless people. He is also a member of the Philly Collaborative for Reproductive Justice and Support, a group “of compassionate, social justice-minded folks who are interested in providing support to people across the full spectrum of pregnancy and advocating for reproductive justice in its many forms.” When he needs to zen-out, he teaches queer and trans yoga classes at Philly’s Studio 34.

Congrats to all three. To learn more about the Trans 100 list, and to download a copy of your own, go here.