Report: Phillies Looking to Trade Jimmy Rollins Before Season

ESPN's Buster Olney says the Phillies are looking to get rid of the 2007 NL MVP as soon as possible.


He was benched earlier this spring. And now, ESPN’s Buster Olney reports, the Phillies simply want Jimmy Rollins gone.

Rollins has a full no-trade clause — and is 59 hits away from the Phillies’ all-time mark — so it’s unlikely he’s going anywhere just yet. He is in the last year of his deal (and actually is one of the few long-time Phillies who isn’t grossly overpaid.)

Obviously, Rollins is an aging player. Looking at his stats, he’s been an above average hitter just once over the last five years (2011 — though he had a pretty good 2012, too).

But the Phillies have once again backed themselves into a corner. Regardless of how much the team wants to trade him, Rollins doesn’t have as much value now that he’s been benched. He’s also the guy who did this.

(Also: He was one of our Best Philadelphians less than two years ago!)

Maybe you want to treat him a little better, just on principle? And if you don’t want him anymore, just get rid of him like you’re the Eagles! Don’t drag this out.

The Phillies’ Spring Training game was canceled yesterday. They are 5-12, last in the Grapefruit league. It’s already been a fun season.