Mayor Nutter Poses with Woman in ‘Alcohol & Party & Molly & Sluts’ T-Shirt

Plus, 10 amazing Tweets from the always-entertaining #ErinExpress hashtag.

Being a politician must be maddening. You could be wandering the street, minding your own business, and someone asks to take a photo with you. And you say yes, obviously, because you’re a politician. And, whoops, suddenly you’re in a photo with the “Because We’re the Shit” t-shirt guy.

That was my favorite Mayor Nutter photo until this weekend, when he posed with a few women on the Erin Express, “Philadelphia’s #1 St. Patrick’s Day celebration.”

Yes, that woman’s t-shirt says “Alcohol & Party & Molly & Sluts.” It is a Wildwood boardwalk t-shirt, even if it wasn’t purchased there.

Yes, scanning the #ErinExpress hashtag on Twitter is an entertaining romp. Here are some other tweets I enjoyed. As a public service to my fellow Irish-Americans, they’ve been carefully selected as to not embarrass anyone personally by name — well, too much.

And, of course, there was some valuable social commentary on Erin Express as well.

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