How Bad Are the Sixers? They Can’t Even Win Their Fans Free Big Macs.

At the buzzer, Tony Wroten had a chance to give Sixers fans free McDonald's sandwiches. It didn't work out.

The Sixers have essentially become the Washington Generals. Last night, they lost for the 18th straight time — and 14th straight time at home. The 115-98 loss to the Sacramento Kings puts them at 15-49, 2 games ahead of Milwaukee for the worst record in the NBA and an astounding 32 games back in the conference.

But they’re trying. They’re trying to appease the fans. They’re trying to get them Big Macs.

The end of last night’s Sixers game was probably my favorite ending to a Sixers game this season. Fans get free Big Macs the next day if the team hits 100 points; the Sixers had 98 with just a few seconds left.

Here’s what happened.

Do you want a GIF of this? You want a GIF of this.

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Let’s break this down a bit more, because it’s amazing. Sixers fans haven’t had much to cheer for since the team’s 3-0 start, and look how upset they all are when Wroten falls.

There are at least 10 fans in that shot with their arms in the air, looking for a foul or something to possibly get them a free hamburger.

Malik Rose — quickly becoming my favorite color commentator ever in this town with his performance this season — is incredulous that the Sixers didn’t get 100 points at the end there. He’s calling for a foul, too. Then, a Comcast SportsNet cameraman — who deserves a bonus today — actually finds a man rubbing his stomach.

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This is incredible! The fans not only wanted these free Big Macs, they needed them. And the Sixers tried to win the fans free food, but came up just 2 points short. Maybe if you bring your stub to McDonald’s and haggle a little you can get a free small bag of fries at least.

The Sixers play Eastern Conference-leading Indiana on Friday. Eep.

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