Jerry Sandusky’s Wife to Speak Publicly About Sex Abuse Case for First Time

The Today show will air an interview Matt Lauer did with Dottie Sandusky and Joe Paterno defender John Ziegler.

Gotta hand it to the producers of the Today show. Even with the declining ratings, the show still manages to pull off most of the best “gets” in morning TV — hell, even in all of TV news. (Also, it reports on the cutest viral videos.) Tomorrow on Today, Dottie Sandusky, Jerry’s wife, will speak for the first time.

The Daily Collegian‘s Megan Caldwell writes:

Matt Lauer conducted the interview with [documentary filmmaker John] Ziegler and Sandusky and an unedited version will be available on the show’s website, Ziegler said via email.

“The interview was needed because Dottie has never spoken out on the case and has an insight into it which no one else comes close to bringing,” Ziegler said.

For the past two years, Ziegler has been pitching The Framing of Joe Paterno to pretty much anyone who will listen. He even has a 25-minute preview of tomorrow’s Today show bit. 25 minutes! Clearly recorded in a basement, perhaps one from the 1970s!

The interview will not be aired live; Matt Lauer previously conducted it with Sandusky and Ziegler. The unedited, full version will be available on the Today show website.

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