Why Is Terrell Owens Riding a Flying Skateboard?

Along with Moby, Tony Hawk, and Christopher Lloyd in an elaborately staged promotional hoax.

Omigod science! Here is a video of a bunch of celebrities “riding” (and evangelizing about) a real-life Back to the Future “hoverboard.” Among HUVR’s decorated spokespeople is none other than Terrell Owens, who levitates at the 2:20 mark and catches a charming mini football (!) at the 3:50 mark.

Despite the utter sincerity of Owens and the rest of the HUVR fans, this technology unfortunately doesn’t exist. It looks like the L.A. parking lot in which this was shot has been outfitted with a series of ultra-thin wires. (Which you can sort of make out lifting up a harness underneath Owens’s t-shirt.) But for now let’s just revel in the fantastic randomness of Terrell Owens’s HUVR advocacy with a series of screenshots.

Here, by the way, are the badass “MIT graduate students” who claim to have created this antigravity breakthrough. (Along with their bare-bones website, which advertises a December 2014 release date for the hoverboard, HUVR also has a Twitter and a Facebook.)

The best guess we’ve seen about the meaning of all this? It’s a guerilla marketing campaign for a TDB Back to the Future 4. The whole video’s set around Christopher Lloyd, after all. By the way, here’s how you really make a hovercraft. For under $50!