Can Plastic Surgery Help Older Workers Get a Job?

Trend is profiled in Philadelphia Business Journal.

The Philadelphia Business Journal has a piece today about workers getting plastic surgery either to nab or defend a job that might otherwise be taken by a younger coworker.

Dr. Jonathan Pontell has seen the trend up close.

“There’s no question that in the last five years, it’s happened way more often,” said the Media, Pa. based Pontell, who has been practicing since 1996. “There’s been a huge uptick.”

He cited two groups that get plastic surgery: Those looking for work, and people who fear they’ll lose their jobs or status because they look too old. People already employed but scared of ageism say they “want to protect their jobs by looking as youthful as they can.”

“It’s not fair. Qualifications and experience should land you the job,” said Pontell. “But whether people do it consciously or unconsciously, employers are taking other things into account other qualifications.”