Guess What? More Snow Is on the Way

We're not done yet. Three more winter storms could hit — including one on Monday.

With this winter already the third-snowiest on record — so, perhaps since the quaternary glaciation — it’s no surprise that, yes, there is more snow on the way. At this point a forecast with no snow in it would be the shocker.

But, yes. More snow. NBC 10’s Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz says we could get three more winter storms next month, including two next week. “I don’t see any reason to change this pattern for at least another couple of weeks,” Schwartz told NBC 10. (Though the station quotes it as, “Hurricane said.”)

Per our friends at Phillywx, we could even see some flurries today, with a chance for a “fun” coating north of the city.

Phillywx also analyzes Monday’s potential snowfall with some weather dork mumbo jumbo that you should all nonetheless be familiar enough with after this winter.

The EURO, GFS, and Canadian all paint different scenarios for the city for the Monday system — Euro is the warmest and mainly rain that will end as snow/sleet at the end, with the GFS the coldest and featuring more snow, less ice (although the city does get sleet and freezing rain at some point). The Canadian is the (un)happy middle of those two and brings sleet and ice to the Philly metro.

Could some people receive a lot of snow? Yes. Better chances NORTH of the city (right now) than south. Could some receive a dumping of sleet (perhaps freezing rain)? Yes. Somewhere between the snow winners and the rain winners.

But, hey, spring is on the way soon! Or maybe this winter will last forever, and the warmest we’ll ever see it again is 60 degrees or so. Hopefully that’s not in any of the models.