“Rich Girl” Was About A Guy

And other things John Oates taught TMZ.

A TMZ paparazzo caught up with John Oates (has that ever been typed before?) in Nashville of all places, and asked him who “Rich Girl” was about. Oates, as Hall&Oatesophiles know, told him it was actually about a guy. Not because Hall and Oates are gay. Because Daryl knew this guy who was the son of this now-deceased pancake tycoon who was the ex-boyfriend of one of Daryl’s girlfriends, who ended up being the subject of “Sara Smile.”

More importantly, since we assume you already knew this, watch Oates give a master class in dealing with the paparazzi. You acknowledge them, you laugh, you make light banter, and they let you go, because realistically they don’t need that much footage of you. (h/t Philebrity)