The Polar Vortex Is Back, and More Snow Is On the Way

And you thought winter was over.

Did you enjoy the mild temperatures over the weekend? We didn’t have any snow. It might not have been all that warm, but with the winter we’ve had it felt like summer. It was so nice we had a tornado watch!

Here’s hoping you took advantage of it, because the polar vortex is back, baby, and more snow is on the way. More snow is likely to hit Tuesday night and again on Wednesday.

But it could be worse: The good folks at say we’re only slated for a coating over the Tuesday and Wednesday snow events.

Most spots would see coating accumulations. Some locations south of the city could pick up 1-2 inches (light blue shading) between the two events. It wouldn’t shock us if a few spots picked up over two inches between the two systems but the best chances of that would be towards the Shore.

So, hey, not too bad. But considering we just got the sidewalks cleared for what seems like the first time in a month, this one hurts. Just when you thought you’d be able to store your shovel away for the winter, we’re about to get hit again.