Get Ready for Brian Sims v. Babette Josephs Vol. II

This should be fun.

The ugliest political race of 2012 was not the BHO vs. WMR presidential duel. It was the cagematch for Pennsylvania’s 182nd house district, AKA Babette Josephs’s longtime Center City turf, son. Recap: Babette’s former campaign treasurer, the openly gay studmuffin Brian Sims, beats the longtime progressive champion and LGBT rights advocate at her own game, edging her by 200 votes in a race full of personal, vitriolic attacks.

Well, after a little more than a year out of office, Josephs has apparently gotten bored of walking her pooch to the Schuylkill Banks dog run, as she has been known to do, and will vie for her old seat.

Sims, 35, reported having $42,029 in his political account as of Dec. 31.* Josephs said she did not raise any money in 2013, which means her PAC will start at $0.

“I’m always outspent. This is not about money,” Josephs said. “I’m indefatigable. This is also about having a good campaign team, which I did not have last time. I do this time.”

She’s right about the money thing, having been outspent $174,000 t0 $79,000 in 2012, according to campaign finance reports. But Sims’s star has grown considerably since ’12, as he’s become the face of a nascent (though doomed unless the state supreme court does anything about it later this year) push for same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania.

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