“New Jersey Is Going to Have to Close Its Interstates”

Need. More. Salt.

This actually sounds kind of dire. More dire than last week, when we started getting thirsty for salt.

With salt stockpiles dangerously low, the state transportation commissioner said yesterday New Jersey is just one snowstorm away from possibly closing major roadways — and he blames the federal government. “A lot of the counties and municipalities are out of salt,” Department of Transportation Commissioner Jim Simpson said yesterday. “If we have one more storm, New Jersey is going to have to close its interstates.”

By the way, he blames the federal government for a pretty interesting reason. There’s a boat full of salt sitting up in Maine that Simpson wants to steer to Newark. But the feds won’t allow it, because the Merchant Marine Law of 1920 prevents foreign ships from traveling from one domestic port to another. It also states that Tom Hanks should have earned a Best Actor nomination for his role in Captain Phillips.