Gay Couples Denied Marriage Licenses in Philadelphia [Updated]

It was worth a shot...

Update: Though city officials said they were sympathetic, the request was denied.

The AP reports:

Gay marriage advocates plan to visit Philadelphia’s City Hall on Tuesday to seek marriage licenses or have their out-of-state marriages recognized. Organizers Bob and Bill Sullivan of South Philadelphia say they married four years ago in Vermont, but don’t enjoy the legal benefits of marriage in Pennsylvania. Bill Sullivan has been unable to get a driver’s license after taking his husband’s name.

Ok, so as we all know, it would be illegal for Philly to offer such licences under Pennsylvania state law, as much as they’d might like to. On the other hand, it didn’t stop Montgomery County from doing it. Or San Francisco, a decade ago. On the other other hand, a judge ordered those cities to stop doing it. We’ll be sure update you if Philly decides to enter into open rebellion against Harrisburg. This summer, meanwhile, a federal court will hear a case challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s gay marriage ban.