Mondo Trasho Brings a Shot of Queer Pittsburgh Nightlife to Fishtown

Photo by Mario Manzoni.

Philly-by-way-of-Pittsburgh party producer Corey Griffith is bringing a new queer night, “Mondo Trasho,” to Fishtown’s Barbary, where every other Wednesday, starting Feb. 12, gays can escape the Gayborhood to throw down in the 19125. I got a chance to chat with Corey (who, full disclosure, is a personal friend) about how the party came about, and why he thinks Philly’s homo nightlife needs a dose of trashy Pittsburgh fun.

Photo by Mario Manzoni.

Why did you move to Philadelphia?
That’s kind of a hard question. The short answer is, “For general change.” Why not? Philadelphia is a beautiful city, rich in history and culture. The proximity to NYC is great, obviously. Fishtown, where I live, is my favorite neighborhood.

How was Mondo Trasho born?
I met [Barbary owner] John Redden serving him coffee [at Rocket Cat], and frequenting the Barbary. I mentioned that there was no queer dance night in Fishtown, [but on top of that,] I had yet to find a party in Philly that brought the same spirit of art, diversity and trashy fun that I took for granted in Pittsburgh. I would like to see the rough in the diamond; queer culture with an edge on the dancefloor that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Where did you get the name?
Mondo Trasho is named after John Waters’ first feature film. It loosely means, “remarkable trash,” which, as a combination of words, is celebratory.

Why the Barbary?
It has one of the best and well-worn dancefloors in the city. Parties there always seem to have a slight house-party vibe. And let’s face it, the Barbary is kind of gay, and definitely straight-friendly. Mondo Trasho is our night there, but anyone is welcome.

Who are you teaming with to put it on?
CNNR (Mike Shaffer), and SKULL†KID (Jacob Nuxoll) will be delivering the diverse homo-centric audibles. CT is cultivating a porn-influenced video projection. The ever-inspiring Pretty Girl will be giving you more than just the “tip” in a late-night performance. … With future nights, I definitely want to bring in some performers, queens and DJs. I want to collaborate with anyone with something different to say.

Mondo Trasho kicks off Wed., Feb. 12 at 10 p.m. at The Barbary (951 Frankford Ave.)