Here Are the Seven Out Athletes Competing in the Sochi Winter Olympics

Just so you’re on your gay-game while watching this year’s Winter Olympics, here’s a quick photo roundup of the seven out athletes competing for the gold. And they just so happen to all be lesbians. Very, very hot lesbians. They’re also all from other countries, but still worthy of a woo! or two while you root for the U.S. To find out when to catch them on the tube, check out this great LGBT viewers guide on LGBT Nation.

1. Anastasia Bucsis, Speed Skating, Canada

Anastasia Bucsis

2. Ireen Wüst, Speed Skating, Netherlands

Ireen Wüst

3. Barbara Jezeršek, Cross-Country Skiing, Slovenia

Barbara Jezeršek

4. Belle Brockhoff, Snowboarding, Australia

Belle Brockhoff

5. Cheryl Maas, Snowboarding, Netherlands

Cheryl Maas

6. Sanne van Kerkhof, Short Track Speed Skating, Netherlands

Sanne van Kerkhof

7. Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Ski Jumping, Austria

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz