Report: Rob Andrews to Leave Congress [Updated]

Norcross expected to replace him.

Update: That mystery law firm is Dilworth Paxon, and The Donald will indeed be running for Andrews’s seat.

South Jersey Congressman Rob Andrews will resign from Congress later this month, according to a report from the Inquirer‘s Jonathan Tamari. And in news that should surprise exactly no one, he will become a public affairs person at a (yet unnamed) leading Philadelphia law firm (read: lobbyist) and his interim replacement will be state senator Donald Norcross, brother of political boss and Inky co-owner George Norcross, is expected to run to replace him.

Unlike his South Jersey GOP equivalent Jon Runyan, Andrews does not appear to be resigning out of ideological frustration. Rather, this may have had more to do with cash than anything else.

Andrews, 56, sees the new job as a chance to help secure the financial future for his family, the source said. He has two daughters, aged 19 and 21, and has been in government for nearly 30 years.

Andrews, a reliably liberal ally of the Obama administration, came under fire last year during an ethics committee investigation about a trip he took to Scotland.