You Better Work, Witch:
The Best Moments from
American Horror Story: Coven

Wednesdays will now forever be “black.”

At last, my fellow Coven queens, a new Supreme has been crowned. (And no, it’s not you.)

This week, on the season finale of FX’s American Horror Story: Coven (AHS), Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) was named the baddest witch in town, following in the Jimmy Choo footsteps of her mother, Fiona “Don’t Make Me Drop a House On You” Goode.

As in previous seasons of AHS, Coven tackled issue after issue: racism, equality, relationships, mothers, daughters, power and trust. But the main theme that ran throughout was that of acceptance, something that hits close to home for us LGBTers. That rang loud and clear in the final episode, when Cordelia welcomed all witches into the coven, to let them know that it was okay to come out and be accepted. (Amen for apt metaphors.)

Before we get to the highlights of this season, I want to give it up to the fiercest cast of divas to ever grace a single television show. Jessica Lange was pure bitch glamour goodness as former Supreme Fiona Goode. Because of her, I can’t wait to go out and drink one or twelve “filthy” martinis. Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett were fab playing real-life historic figures Madame Delphine LaLaurie and voodoo priestess Marie Laveau, respectively. Delphine hissing “Liessssss!” after finding out there was a “darky in the White House,” and Marie barking that “they had done messed with the wrong witch” are two of my favorite moments this season.

Even though many of us were probably secretly wishing an ailing Fiona would grab that knife and stab her, I’m glad Sarah Paulson finally got her moment in the sun after a season of ups and downs for her character. (There’s that acceptance theme, again.) Lily Rabe’s portrayal of the Stevie Nicks-obsessed swamp witch was also amazing. (Plus, without her we wouldn’t have been blessed with Stevie.) However, it was the pure brilliance of Frances Conroy’s Myrtle “Balenciaga” Snow that really stole the show — and gay hearts — this season. Conroy delivered her character with poise, camp and brilliance, really holding her own next to Dame Jessica. If you are not on the Myrtle train by now, you are simply a hater, my dear. I can’t wait to see what’s next for her.

Besides the older divas, the younger gals certainly added to the brilliant, bubbling cauldron of Coven. Emma Roberts’ Lindsay, er, Madison Montgomery was the bitch we loved to hate. (The snide Sound of Music jab was brilliant!) Though she’s angered some in the LGBT community this week by using the no-no word “tranny” no less than five times on Arsenio Hall, Gabourey Sidibe’s portrayal of voodoo witch “Queenie” was another favorite. She had me at “Bitch, I’ll eat you.” Be still my heart, Precious, just check that mouth.

I’m glad Jamie Brewer’s Nan returned to the series and got more airtime this time around, though they should have brought her back from the dead like all the other young witches. On the flip side, Taissa Famiga’s doe-eyed “Zoe” was a bit of a whiny snore. (Was I the only one who kind of laughed when she got impaled?)

Once again, creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk pulled out all the stops, giving us queens something to buzz about all season long. It’s going to be a long eight months until Season 4 begins, but if you can’t wait that long you can check out some dish from Ryan Murphy here. He talks about the finale and hinted at what he has in store for seasons 4 and 5.

Check out our roundup of best American Horror Story: Coven moments — from the spine-tingling opening credits to the delicious cat fight between Madison Montgomery and Misty Day — below:

No video of him exists on YouTube, but give it up for Leslie Jordan’s deliciously catty, gay-as-a-silver-penny Quentin Fleming. The scenes between him and Fiona were nothing short of amazing.